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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Argyle, Feb 8, 2002.

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    Is there any difference between one mp3 player from another besides the obvious (size, shape, color)? Is there different quality mp3 players out there?? i'm looking at a sony mp3 player for 150$. is there anything better or are all of them the same?
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    I've heard varying degrees of sound quality with MD (minidisc)players but with MP3, as long as the bitrate is encoded the same I don't see why it shold be any different.

    Most important thing you need to decide when getting one is expansion. Does it have any, or better yet, is it important to you?. Some are 32MB, 64MB and the odd occasion even 128MB but they do offer Flash memory which is costly still.

    The CreativeLabs Jukebox mp3 has a 6GB/20GB storage (laptop harddrive) but it's bulky, the size of your ordinary CD players.

    The new iPod from Apple has a 5GB (I think) but yet manages to be no more than your average mp3 player out on the market.

    Decide what you want out of it.. and go from there.

    Which SONY model are you looking at ?
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    Sony MD player

    ok, it isn't a mp3 player, its a md player but its pretty cheap and small.

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