MS Server 2k3 and Group Policy Gurus...get in here please!

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by jdub12, Jul 22, 2004.

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    Hey I have a domain set up for my home network. Everything is configured properly, computers can log on, accounts are created, etc. All computers are functional to do whatever with Active Directory, etc.

    My question is....when I edit the group policy on the domain level, under user configurations>control panel, I am trying to prohibit the use of the control panel and add/remove features for my workstations. I only want to be able to add the programs that I want, when I want from the server. However, my problem is...when I prohibit the use, my administrator account hides it too. Im sure Im doing something wrong but is there a way to only apply the group policy to my users accounts on the domain and not my admin account? I was also can i distro software to all of the computers on the network without physically going to each machine? There is a way to install say office on a computer that is hooked up to the domain and not just installed for local use right? Thanks for the help.

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