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    So academia focusing on health promotion and prevention struggles with how to define men who have sex with men. They could say gay men, but this excludes bisexual and questioning people, as well as people who are on the downlow and still consider themselves straight despite the cock to suck here and there...

    So in general they use the term MSM (men who have sex with men).

    For some reason, this term and its usage disturbs me and i dont know why. Perhaps, it's because i fit in this category and would rather not be defined by my sexual preference. Gay seems to encapsulate other aspects other than sexual attraction, such as manner of ettiquette, ability to be witty in the right moments, etc.

    Am i overreacting and just need to shut the hell up, or do others feel the same i do?
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    straight people have good ettiquette, and they can be witty. the only thing that DOES seperate you from straight people is the fact you have sex with men. so, i vote stop worrying about shit.
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    I understand you point of view, but still think you are overreacting. However you are entitled to do so, therefor do not shut the hell up about it.

    Yes, I've just gotta be complicated.

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