Mud and Water: harmful or not?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Guest, Aug 8, 2001.

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    I've recently been taking my truck down a few trails where there are many mud and water puddles that I have to drive through. Since then I opened the hood and saw that my engine compartment was covered in the mud. I will be pressure washing it this week, but wonder if any permanent damage could be done from driving through mud that is as deep as my front bumper?

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    nah, your truck should be fine, I drive mine through alot of mud and water, just when you get back from the trails, make sure you wash your vehicle down really good including the undercarraige and engine bay (make sure your engine has had time to cool off) also, I wouldn't advise using a pressure washer, that is just asking to get water into the wrong places (i.e. distribitors, bearings, etc.) I use a cleaner called simple green, just spray it on and let it sit a few minutes, then wash it off with a good steady stream of cool water it should take most everything right off. any tough areas you come across just scrub a little and they will shine like new....let me know how this turns out for the way, what kind of truck do you have? follow the link i have posted to see mine...good luck man!
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    here are some pics of mine:

    Gotta say, I love your truck!


    I recently went trail riding with three other friends, one of which had a '91 Toyota 4x4 with the v6 and I love his truck. And yes, my truck is 2wd, I've put 30x9.5 All Terrains to give it some more ground clearance and better traction. You'd be surprised what my Ranger can do, though I would love to have 4wd. I plan on going out to the trails again this weekend and will have a video camera ready for all of the best stuff and will eventually post the videos on the internet for all to see. I will be selling the Ranger next year, and plan on getting a Tacoma Pre-Runner or 4x4, depending on what I can afford.

    And thanks for the advise :bigthumb:


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