GUN muggers try to rob the wrong guy

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    Ex-boxing champ surprises muggers
    Three muggers got a nasty surprise when they tried to rob a 67-year-old former British boxing champion.

    George Bayliss, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, who won an amateur light-middleweight title 40 years ago, was attacked near his home on Tuesday.

    When the gang tried to mug him, Mr Bayliss reacted by throwing a left hook and the gang ran off.

    "They weren't up to much as opponents - I've faced much tougher people in the ring," said Mr Bayliss.

    "They picked on the wrong man. I'm a southpaw, so I hit the ring leader on the chin with a left hook and all three ran off.

    'Made big mistake'

    "It's hard enough for me to make ends meet as it is. There was no way I was going to let them have my pension."

    Mr Baylis, an ex-Army unarmed combat trainer, added: "I've got grey hair now, so perhaps they thought I looked a bit frail. But they made a big mistake."

    Mr Bayliss won an ABA title in the late 1960s, and was runner-up five times.

    "I'm only about 5ft 11in now and weigh about 13 stone, but I know how to take care of myself," he said.

    "I won a National Senior Amateur title and I represented England three times as a boxer.

    "The thieves obviously didn't know that, unfortunately for them."

    A police spokeswoman said that Mr Bayliss' actions had probably prevented a more serious crime being committed, but she added: "We would never encourage members of the public to retaliate when they find themselves in a threatening position as they may provoke the situation and make themselves more vulnerable." Yes lay down and be good victims. :hsugh:

    Police say the three robbers were all white and in their twenties. One spoke with an Eastern European accent, said the spokeswoman.
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    Jesus. Just bend over and be a good sheep. Push back a little while you're getting reamed! Make it fun!
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    He will be arrested in a couple days for assault and battery using lethal weapons since he is trained in boxing.

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