Muscle loss v. how much slacking till it happens

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by nailcrazy, Sep 12, 2005.

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    Mar 7, 2005
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    Just wondering for all you big guys do you ever get nervous about not hitting the gym for a couple weeks for the loss of any mass?

    Doing cardio - does the heartrate effect muscle burn vs. fat burn being early 20's what is a good target to hit and maybe the highend of not going over?

    Food intake - if your eating below maint or even have a shitty day(wake up late eat maybe 2 meals that day total for whatever reason) will much happen.. Say 1 day a week. And would having your 1gram/lb protein on days like that prevent muscle loss?

    Slacking - once your at the level your content with and just wanting to maintain your body at that stage how often would one need to hit the gym? Is there ever a level you get to and can just relax a bit and stay happy?

    Myself i have no intentions of this but during this cutting(ok semi serious cut) Ive gotten a little nervous with losing any mass i have built up to this point.

    My cut so far roughly has been
    3 on 1 off - legs/shoulders, back/bi, chest/tri
    3 days at least cardio 145-150 HR 30 min sometimes 5 days
    1 cheat day a week of anything the whole day
    ecy proper stack all training days off on off days

    Just trying to feel out what it really takes to do harm in terms of loss and what i should/not worry about much.

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