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    I'm "addicted" to both. I don't think either have any sort of chemical that would cause dependence, but I'm addicted to the euphoric sense it puts you in. I started smoking weed about a year ago when my brother introduced it to me. I found some pot head friends, and we started smoking several times a week. Those Friday and weekend nights became the center of my universe. The only thing that got me through the week was looking forward to the long weekend that would follow. Just sitting around and chilling with a few friends watching TV or listening to music.

    It didn’t' take long before I started eating magic mushrooms with the same group of friends. My first trip was a 5g dosage. It was a beautiful thing, and I can still remember the whole trip vividly. I began experimenting with higher doses, sometimes doing 18g at a time. I began forming narcoleptic tendencies, and sometimes I would wake up in strange places with people I didn't know. I started getting into psychedelic sex, which is one of the reasons I want to quit. I'm eventually going to get a girl pregnant, or end up with an STD...

    I also sprouted a lot of my creativity buds in this past year or so. I started playing guitar a lot more, and I started to write poetry to help put down some of my abstract thoughts onto paper. What worries me is if I'll lose my creative senses if I quit. My guitar is the only thing I really have going for me. I haven't smoked weed or eaten mushrooms in over a week and I'm really starting to worry myself. I haven't touched my guitar since my last trip.

    Another aspect of quitting that worries me is my social skills. I find it hard to really express what I want to say unless I have some weed in me. Or maybe it's because "regular" people aren't willing to listen. I'm feeling very helpless and alone right now, I need help. Are there any support groups/clinics in the Detroit area? Hopefully it's no too late to turn my life around...
  2. typical addict.
    you chose to smoke and trip,
    you chose to play or not play the guitar,
    you choose to or not to be social,
    the drugs may make it easier to make the choice, but in the end you chose and follow through.
    choose to stop doing drugs, and chose to do somthing about it if you can do it on your own.
    If you chose take the easy way out and continue with the drugs then you will have to deal with the consiquences, good or bad. if you chose to stop then you have consiquences to deal with also, good or bad. Either way you have no one to blame but your self. I suggest taking the path that will lead you towards long term happiness, or as close as you can get.

    the creativity will come back and the social anxiety may go away or may not.
    but like everything in life, you will someday have to choose to do or not to do something about that too.

    nothing special about your situation.
    go to a meeting get clean and pick up your guitar.

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    I know it seems like the common cure, but seriously go and check out a few meetings. If you don't like the first one, go to a 2nd or a 3rd. Really try to be open minded. You'll run into a lot of people there, and they'll all be your type of person. The difference is - they'll be honest. You can just come up and be like 'man im just not feelin good today, i feel like a piece of shit around women'

    they won't clown you or whatever.

    detroit area has got to have some massive support.

    do the meeting locator, get in gear, and find a meeting! If you need more direction, feel free to instant message me on AIM: nukegoat
  4. FYI
    my drug(s) of choice were weed and shrooms though I did a lot more, worse drugs those were my favorites. Once way to achieve similar results is through transintental meditation.
    get cleanand check it out.
    very fufilling and less dangerous.


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