my 95 GSX

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Guest, Nov 13, 2001.

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    Best Time: [email protected] (no tuning devices & pump 92 gas)
    1.82 60'

    3" RSR Exhaust (full from the DP back)
    Buschur Racing Upper IC Pipe Upgrade
    Greddy Type-S BOV
    Complete Injen Intake System (hogged out)
    Extreme MBC set at 15 psi
    Autometer Air Fuel Gauge
    Autometer Boost Gauge
    Greddy EGT Gauge w/probe
    8.5mm Magnecore Race Wires
    NGK plugs
    B&M Short Shifter
    Re-Wired Fuel Pump
    Greddy Turbo Timer
    Front Strut Tower Bar
    ACT 2600lb Clutch
    ported exhaust manifold
    ported turbo - T25
    Cold Air Induction
    Apexi FMIC

    Alpine DDD Drive Front Replacement Speakers
    Alpine DDD Drive Rear Replacement Speakers
    Alpine 3 Disc in dash CD Changer w/ mini disc
    Sony 50x2 amp "trying to power 2 12 inch subs (temp tunage)

    Clear Front Bumper Side Markers
    DSM Style Racing winshield sticker
    Red & Black custom painted interior
    Bra (so it is not really rice but it looks better than the paint chips)
    Red Engine Hose Kit
    Red Electrical wire loom
    Red & Black pedal covers
    Altezza Tail Lights
    Push Button Start
    4 bar Red Interior Neon
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    Nice, looks clean, but you'd probably knock some off that 1/4 if you get some decent rims & tires :cool:
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    If for some reason i still have the car past winter a set of 17" balck volks wrappen in some sticky falken tread will go on! That and the upgrades needed in the fuel areas to run a FP green turbo and I am ready to go!

    If i don't have the car then I will be sporting the new Nissan Z when it comes out!
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    more pictures

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    I like your car,but
    the altezza lights gotta go.

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    The Altezza are on their way out soon enough for some customized lights I am working on.

    But screw my car the NSX rocks and well your babys mama.... :bigthumb: cute as hell....
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    nice ride!

    I think i saw you last summer ar Red Rock :big grin:
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    Yeah I was down there a few times. Never got to race though. :big grin:
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    Stormshadow, I'm really flattered that you are using the pictures of my car and passing it for you own. But maybe should buy an NSX of ur own instead of using my NSX-T. A fellow NSXPRIME member told me that someone besides me is claiming ownership of my car. People can see more pictures of MY car on NSXPRIME. Here is the link:

    RyRy210's NSX

    And here is pictures of my car before & after it was lowered.

    More RyRy210's NSX

    Sorry to burst ur bubble Stormshadow, but I don't know you and for all I know u might be some sort of criminal. For my own safety and the safety of my family I want to let everyone know that the picture of the NSX is my NSX. I don't want to drive on the freeway and then potentially get harassed by people thinking that I'm you.

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    let the newb comments begin.

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