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    Yesterday afternoon my girl came over, the moment i opened my door and saw her standing there in her mini-skirt and skin tight top i knew i needed her. She walked in, closed the door and started to put down her bag. Before the bag had even hit the wooden floor i grabbed her and threw her onto my shoulder. I took her upstairs, looking at her reaction in the mirror, and the wet patch on her skirt. As we entered my room I threw her onto the bed and quickly tore her top and skirt off.
    She was wearing no underwear.
    Before she even had time to breathe my hands were between her legs, gently rubbing her soaking wet thighs. She let out a gasp as my hand caressed her clit, rubbing her with a circular motion.
    After five orgasms she pushed my hands away, breathlessly panting that it was too sensitive, that the pleasure was too great.
    I looked her in the eye, smiled and pinned her down with my left hand, my right finding a pair of old police issue handcuffs on my bedside table. She looked at me, and smiled. I grabbed her hands, forced them into the cuffs and attatched her to my metal bed. I leaned back, sitting on her feet...she couldnt move.
    Both my hands quickly found her most sensitive parts. The inside of her thighs, her breasts, her clit. She was panting with anticipation, she was desperate to have me in her.
    My right hand reached her clit just as the fingers of my left slid into her.
    She breathed deeper.
    Within minuites she was coming, five, six times in a row, each time her body curling and contorting, trying to rid itself of this incredable feeling. But she couldn't get away. Her moans quicly became screams of extacy, her body shuddering with the release of yet another orgasm.
    I decided to give her one final orgasm, but this one wouldn't be easy for her like the others. For this one she was going to have to endure the almost torturous build up of pleasure before i allowed her to release it.
    I was circling her swollen clit slowly, firmly, each time bringing a wave of immense pleasure to her whole body, and she shuddered each time. My movements got faster, firmer, rougher. I could see the desire in her eyes, she wanted to come more than anything else, but i wasnt going to let her.
    I kept this methodical, rythmic movement exactly the same for over 40 minuites, by now each circumference of her clit brought a moan so loud that it overwhelmed the creaking of the bed springs as she shuddered.
    I decided it was time.
    My right hand's massaging quickly became a blur of motion as i rubbed her as fast and hard as i could, she struggeld for breath as the feelings flowing through her body allowed her nothing but the ability to moan and scream. Suddenly, she let out the most amazing, erotic scream of pleasure i have ever heard, and at the same time she squirted her come so hard that her juices hit me in the chest.
    Her body relaxed, exhausted from the hour and a half of solid orgasms.
    She passed out and i lay with her, watching my girl sleep.:)
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    sweet .. shoulda gave her the balony pony though for the final O :cool:
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    Advancing to Boardwalk
    OMFG... :covers the growing lap bulge: Very hot.

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