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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by beaker, Dec 30, 2004.

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    im a first time apple poster, long time user.

    i was first turned to apples when i was like 13. my first computer was one accually. so i used them on and off my whole life. always enjoyed them but kinda found then a bit annoying cause i couldent always find shit i wanted.

    well after growing up and using them more (im still only 22 but thats ok) ive come to love them. and this is the story.

    i have a 1st gen imac. i used it alot and liked it. a smoking deal came along this school year for a dell laptop and i got it. awesome machine....untill it died over my xmas break. i was devastaited. what would i use for school? then by pure luck/apple karma my stepdad gave me his old powerbook. i love this thing even though its in deadly need of ram and stuff.

    i guess im just overly happy since i noticed this part of OT and found adiumx and konfabluator. makes me smile when i see the little apple logo light up.

    thanks mac OT users.

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