SRS My boss gives me her work so she can leave early and come in late

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Jcrash, Jun 30, 2008.

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    I work at a newspaper editorial office and was hired for the Clerical position. I’ve been working here for a good three months now so I can save up for school. During the interview, my responsibilities consisted of: basic office maintenance (for lack of a better term), front desk service, archiving, writing two columns, answering phones, and taking care of an events calendar. The publisher absolutely refuses to pay me more than 20 hours a week (at $8.50 also, fucking cheap asses) and I have accumulated over 6 hours of unpaid work. On top of all this, I am the first line of defense when it comes to customer complaints. Just yesterday I had 2 meth heads walk in give me a hard time. I was able to diffuse the situation and have them walk out the office laughing but I didn’t expect this kind of anxiety when I sent in my resume.

    Recently, my Editor has observed that I have above average writing skills and has been passing me some of her work. I’m an efficiency freak, so I get through my usual stuff rather quickly. Lately I’ve had to follow up on her work on people and harass them into turning in information by a certain deadline. I absolutely hate aggressively talking down to people because I can’t stand it when it’s done to me.

    The job isn’t tough; it’s just a lot to do in such a small window. I don’t half ass my work and I get things done but sometimes it takes more than four hours a day. Everyone else in this office is on salary pay so I think she’s forgetting I get paid on a per hour basis.

    Also, one of the writers thinks she can treat me like some personal assistant. She makes me go ACROSS THE STREET to get her coffee (which I've already made in the break room). I had the pleasure of shutting her down last week but I could care less about my relationship with coworkers I’m out of here in a month.

    Journalists are cut throat, they shit talk each other behind their backs it's disgusting. Is it like this at every office job? If so, I’m going into construction…

    What should I do? Quit? Say no?
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    If they enlarge your job description they need to up your pay.
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    So you're in a temporary clerical position at a newspaper? Of course they're gonna treat you like shit.

    If it's worth the money, stay, if not, tell em to shove it up their ass. :dunno:

    On a different note, most entry level office jobs basically make you the bitch of everyone else in the company... if you work for cool people, they'll be nice about it, but the bottom line is that you're hired to pick up the scraps.
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    Hahaha, qft. The J-school here is huge and the competitiveness is far beyond healthy.

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