GUN My buddies Sig 220 had massive problems at the range yesterday


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Nov 1, 2004
North Mexico
We were all at the outdoor range and I look over at my buddy shooting. He tired to fire a round and *click* nothing happens, so he waits like 5 seconds (n00b) racks the round out and goes to fire another one, same thing happens. He does this three times and finally on the 4th time the gun goes bang. So I tell him to wait at least 2mins between misfires and to keep the gun pointed down range.

The next time the gun does the same thing except it only misfires twice then goes off on the third round. :ugh: I asked him if this was a normal thing with this gun, he said that the gun only had 3-400 rounds and he's never cleaned it because he didn't know how but it's never done this before. I field strip the gun and it looks fine just dry.

We went to my house and I cleaned the gun for him and told him to contact Sig asap. The WWB he was using looked fine and I couldn't see anything wrong with the firing pin, then again I'm no gunsmith :dunno:

Any ideas what happened?


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Jul 8, 2006
Auburn, WA
got pictures of the expended rounds? Ignition problems, sounds like a either a chipped/broken firing pin or some sort of obstruction.


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Jan 9, 2005
Yeah, sounds like a broken firing pin, blocked firing pin or something wrong with the firing pin safety not allowing it to strike the round all the time.

Send it back to Sig or have a good local smith look at it. Nice thing is my local shop is Sig certified or some shit so they can look at things like that without having to send it back to Sig. Which is nice.


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Jul 8, 2006
Auburn, WA
Yeah, either the FP is obstructed, broken or the pin safety is not allowing it to strike. either case, that sounds like an easy to pin point issue.


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Apr 14, 2004
I have no idea what technical terms to use, so just bare with me when i say

When you remove the slide, on the back part (the firing pin side) there is a silver colored stripe and then behind that is a little half circle piece that you can push in. That is the firing pin saftey. Poke that and make sure it goes in all the way. You should be able to push that in and (while its held in) push in the hammer striking ball and you should see the fireing pin poke out of the hole. Damn, that sounded half retarded, lol.

As has been said, it sounds like a problem with the firing pin safety.

Also, my 220 hates to be dry, i mean really hates it, so make sure your friend keeps the gun well lubed when he gets it fixed. I like to use a very light coat of gun grease on the slide rails and then spread a thin layer of oil with a q-tip over the grease. On range days i add another thin layer of oil before i go.

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