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    Here is my ride, a 1998 Ford Contour SVT. Not really here to show off just haven't seen any Contour's or SVT's so I figured I better represent. She is basically stock except for a cold air intake, FRPP 9mm spark plug wires, and 35% tint all the way around. I also have the engine dressed up tastefully in blue (I couldn't let myself rice it out). It also has a Pioneer headunit, Directed 1500d amp, and 2 12" Rockford Phosgate subwoofers. I had plans for 18" rims, exhaust, TV's, playstation 2, and lots of other sweet stuff until my project came along.
    If you care to see more pics of my contour you can do either or

    Here is my project, 1988 T-Top Ford Mustang GT. Taking my time with it hoping to put it back together the Ford should have. Hopefully the body will be done this year, and motor if I run into some money. So far I've just collected some suspension parts.
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    Nice SVT man! and good luck on your project!
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    Not anymore, I fixed it for know. I thought that OT uploads would last longer than a few days. Can anyone tell me how long OT uploads are suppose to last?
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    Sell it and buy a real car!

    ...or just dump all the money into your project.

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