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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Valence, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Dug out my 35 mm gear this weekend and was kinda saddened by it. I had a great minolta xg - m that no longer works properly. I can't advance the shutter for some reason and it won't release, it's like it's advanced and ready to snap off a photo but the shutter won't release to advance more. Can't load film this way. That camera used to be able to take some excellent photos and out of all my glass the lenses were the best.

    I did manage to fix my minolta maxxum 7000, just some minor corrosion of the battery case. Some gun solvent + hot water got rid of the corrosion. I tried out some of the b&w film you can process in color machines located everywhere and was NOT impressed. Color shift towards sepia and lots of grain. It had a tendency to have extreme contrast which whited out the details a bit too much for my liking.

    My panny fz10 I've given up on - Having moved so many times I've temporarily lost the flash and the sun hood, filters - so until I find these it's out of commision.

    I really wanted to get back to b&w photography, since now you can process , get prints and photo cd from walgreens for ten bucks per roll. Sadly I've found that in order to do any quality b&w with 35 mm you have to process yourself or mail it off. T MAX ftw

    The only saving grace is I called my dad and he isn't using his nikon 35 mm slr or his olympus e10 - so I may pick that up next time I'm in Houston and give those a shot. Ever since he got his D2X he hasn't gone back.
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    Good story. j/k. Hope you get back into it soon. I've enjoyed it a lot in the recent months.

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