SRS my dad was scared of my mom growing up, and we were disfunctional because of it

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by ngaplz, Jan 3, 2007.

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    the root of all family disfunction is a female headed household. dad's, man the fuck up and stop using the "i don't want to rock the boat" excuse.
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    The gender has got nothing to do with it, what matters is how the people organise the household. I just think that you have a strong mom, who has her life in her own hands, and doesn't need a man to control it. Your dad seems weaker because he can't control your mom. But hey, if your mom is able to handle and deal with everything, why would he not give the rudder to her?

    Again the gender doesn't really matter, what matters is that the person who is best able to manage the family becomes in charge of the household. The classic man is the head of the household is an old wrongfull outdated concept.
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    she was a family terrorist. she would call me a bastard with my dad in the same room and he would do nothing.
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    you need to learn to stand up for yourself... if you did something wrong and are being punished, obviously you don't talk back. BUT if you are being yelled at for something ridiculous or just something you didn't do.

    when I had my "coming of age" moment, when I stood up for myself... ever since then I get treated with respect in my family and when I do screw up its no longer a yelling match, it is now my problem to solve.
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    85% of families are reported dysfunctional.

    so you are like the rest of us.

    i think the only people who have the right to complain are function families having to deal with the hoardes of dysfunction families out there.

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