My Detailing process - please critique and also answer a few questions

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by 01_LEX_IS300, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. 01_LEX_IS300

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    It takes me forever to detail my car and this is not even doing a FULL detail. I did a quick detail of my car yesterday. Started at 4pm ended at 9pm.

    Cleaned engine compartment (didn't do a hot job, need to revisit this)
    3M SMR on a few areas of the car to get rid of some swirls that were visible in certain types of light. Used a PC for this
    VM Hand Glaze. Used a PC
    QDed the car using Quickshine
    Applied a coat of S100
    QDed again

    I had my car clayed about 2 months ago and after a good wash the paint still felt semi smooth so I didn't want to clay it again. Also, I did a full interior detail last week so that wasn't needed.

    So my first question is.... Why the hell is this taking me so damn long? How long should I be spending on each individual part of the process?

    Also, how often do you folks Clay your car and how often do you glaze?

    No pics because it was dark when I finished last night and was too tired today after work to take pics.
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    It probably took you so long because you don't do it everyday like I do. I am also sure you were being as anal as possible so your car will look it's best.
  3. Buck-O

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    You just have to get into the rythem of doing it, and get your body into "detailers shape". And then it just a matter of getting it done from there.
    Someone like Scottwax or myself with big shoulders and large arms can rub it out all day the buffing rag of course.

    But the process for my car is usually as follows...

    Swirl remove where needed, with my PC, usually with DACP or SMR2.0
    SEPC and/or SCG by hand, one or two coats each.
    S100 by hand, two coats.
    Windows, interior and exterior.
    Wheels and tires.

    I can do this now in about 4 hours start to finish, including prep time, and clean up.

    But, i usually do this weekly, not including my GF's or clients cars throughout the week.

    So, just liek anything else, practice makes perfect. And the more you do it, the better you will get at it, and the fast you will be able to do it.
  4. 01_LEX_IS300

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    You SMR every week? Does doing that wear away at the clear from doing it so often? Also I doubt it was the "detailers shape" problem. I wasn't the slightest bit tired. I put in my time at the gym 4-5 times a week :)

    Thanks for the advice. I guess practice makes perfect. I'm just afraid of doing irreversible damage to my car. So how often do you folks clay? Twice a year?
  5. Buck-O

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    No, not every week, just when it needs it. From general grim (more below) and some nasty leaves, and stuff around my apartment. I usually wax every week though. My car, unfortunatly, sits in a park-n-ride 14 hours of the day, and here latly in Washington we've had some real scorcher weeks, so the wax evaporates really quickly in the hot sun. Plus all the contaminaton i get from freeway grime, to crap from teh leaf blowers, and water spray fromt eh vacume trucks etc. Its really a preaty brutal environment for 14 hour days.

    I only clay my car once or twice a year...i havent dont my GF's new Midnight Mica Blue Mazda Proteg5 yet...but it needs it, its relally gunky, so ill be doing that this weekend, as well as alievating the deal installed swirls. And then laying down a couple coats of S100.
  6. 01_LEX_IS300

    01_LEX_IS300 Guest

    Great info. It was just what I was looking to hear. I'll probably also be waxing my car weekly. Its a daily driver and sits in a lot in the hot sun all day while I'm at work. I'll probably only do glaze once a month.
  7. mc technik

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    took me 10hrs to do a big detail job


    its that too long? i guess it was worth it but it was a pain in the ass. my car looks realll nice now
  8. Jackhole

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    If you're happy with the results, which it sounds like you are, then it's not too long at all.

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