A&P My digicam got owned. Repair, or buy new?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by rancidnsx, Mar 11, 2003.

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    I straight up dropped the bitch on the sidewalk, and the case bent as a result and wont shut now. Before, if i held it tight enough, it would turn on and the lense would come out, but it would say "lens error" and show a black screen on the LCD. Now it turns on but the lens cover doesnt go down all the way and the lens cant come out, so it says "lens cover error"... :wtc:

    Its a Fujifilm finepix 3800z, I bought it in J-land so no warranty here in the states How much can I spend to get it fixed? I.E. what would be the max you would spend before you would decide to sell it for parts on E-gay and buy a new camera? If so what camera is the best value in the 3 megapixel class (video taking abilities would be nice). Thanks
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    hmm, buy new, it'll cost more to fix.

    btw, ive dropped s30 from my car, and it works fine

    it just has a couple of dents thats all :o
  3. Wha

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    Buy a new one.
  4. Jerboy

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    Liquidate on eBay, then use whatever you get toward buying a new one.

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