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    My favorite cleaner D-Limonene

    D-Limonene as a straight solvent and a water soluble cleaner, citrus natural solvent can replace a wide variety of products, including mineral spirits, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, glycol ethers.

    D-Limonene is a parts cleaner, engine degreaser, electronics cleaning, tar and asphalt remover, chewing gum, inks, tar, rubber burns removal, graffiti remover, hand cleaner, floor cleaner, carpet stain cleaner, metal cleaner, aluminum brightener, rubber brightener cleaner and a deodorizer

    D-Limonene don't get this mixed up with brands that sells in containers, orange cleaner, citrus cleaner many products brands now days that says citrus cleaner may not contain no D-Limonene at all or contains vary little of it or is mixed with other chemicals, buyer beware not to say this is bad, I'm only saying it for the uses I use it for in detailing. If you are going to buy a citus cleaner make sure D-Limonene is in ingeredents

    pH in D-Limonene ranges from 6.0 to 12.5 depending on mixer, if used in a pH of 12.5 can dull painted surfaces, On painted surface pH best at below 8.0 to void dulling on glossy paint

    I have used thosands of gals of D-Limonene in pressure cleaning of simi-trucks as a aluminum brightener, store fronts to removing gum and graffiti remover, auto detailing in engine cleaning - aluminum brightener - rubber brightener cleaner and tar remover, brake dust remover, tire cleaner. I buy it a 55 gal container from a chemcal Co.

    My own way of heavy duty cleaning of Brake dust

    I mix phosphoric acid to mixure of a pH of 3.0 (I mix gals at a time) which is 5 times stronger then a can of Coke, spray on dry cold rims let soak for 2 min's (will not cause any kind of damage to any OEM or clear coated rims) then spray on a heavy mixure of D-Limonene in a pH of 8.0 let soak also which naturalizes the pH. scrub with brush or old wash mitt clay if desired and bam you have shinny rims.

    I have found that this method is the safest method then any brake dust cleaner on the over counter market that I have used.

    On light duty cleaning of rims

    Brake dust removal on rims and engine cleaning. I dilute to pH of about 8.0, let soak, scrub with brush or old wash mitt. I have found that D-Limonene if mixed right will not dull, etch clear coated OEM rims or painted suface if used right.

    One other type of D-Limonene as a "solvent" which is not water soluble, Sample of brands name: goof-off

    I have gone out of my way in hope that I have helped you better understand the uses of D-Limonene in auto detailing, like any chemical D-Limonene desires respect. Chemicals can be your best friend of your worst nightmare. Giving a strong Chemical to someone that does not understand how to use it is bound to screw something up.

    P.s I'm not a chemist, I stayed in a Holiday Inn last night

    Detailer for 15 years of Pro Pressure Cleaning and Auto Detailing for 2 years :Ownedd:


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