SRS My fiance has just sort of 'given up'... How do I fix this?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by jared_IRL, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Yeah.. So she's hot as shit.. or well, she used to be. Over the past couple months, she's just about given up on keeping herself together... She had gained some weight, but is in the process of losing it. But it's not really her weight that is getting to me.. it's her style. The clothes she wears, the way she does her hair, and just the way she presents herself have all dropped off the face of the earth recently...

    She's pretty sensitive about it, and i'm not sure how to get her back on her horse without making her feel like I have lost interest... The few times I have made comments, they've been met with 'you hate me' comments...

    Any ideas?
  2. copperkali

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    She is probably depressed and/or stressed out. Try to figure out what has happened, and what is wrong. But be very sensitive about it. If she is depressed she may not like talking about it.
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    If she's your fiancee, then you must know her pretty well. Yes?
    So think back to when this started. What happened. Any life changes?
    School? Work? Home? Family?
    What happened when her depression began?

    You need to answer those first before we can take this further.
  4. Cerridwen

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    Take her to see her doctor. Help give her that push in the right direction. Don't give up on her though.
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    Also, when you do find out what started it or what's going on with her, know that it may take a little time.
    If she's been doing this for months, I doubt it's going to be an overnight fix.

    If you've made comments, and she's responded with insecurity, she probably already realizes it - and maybe just needs the right push or motivation to improve/get help.
    Make sure you're commenting with constructive criticism, though.

    Good luck, and hopefully things will improve: both with her situation (depression?) and communication between you two. :)

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