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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Aviator, Jun 23, 2006.

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    So I went shooting the 226 today. I hadn't shot in almost a month, and I shot better than I ever have. I left the range feeling pretty good today.

    But I've noticed something about my grip and my accuracy...when I hold the gun firmly, not really tight, but firm - I'm not nearly as accurate. But when I really loosen my grip, so much so that the gun feels like it moves a lot after every shot(and therefore makes follow-up shots take longer). I suppose when my grip is tighter, i could be anticipating too much, i dunno. But when I'm off, it's almost always low and to the left.

    I'd appreciate any tips or comments.
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    If you're shooting low and left (my most common problem as well) it's not that you grip is too tight. I grip the hell out of my pistols.

    When your finger is pressing in the trigger, it should not be touching the side of the frame. You should be able to see daylight between your trigger finger and the frame. If your finger is up against the frame it makes it hard to press the trigger straight back. It's more like you are just crushing the trigger with your grip.

    Go ahead and grip the gun firmly, but pay attention to keeping your trigger finger off the frame and only touching the trigger.

    That usually helps when I get tired and start dropping shots low and left.

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