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    Here is a big pic of my avatar
  2. JMizzle

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    Here is my engine
  3. JMizzle

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    And here is my ass
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    lose the clears and you got a pimp car
  5. JMizzle

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    Clears will be going but you all probabaly wont like my replacement. It will be replaced by gunmetal altezza's with the center piece painted red. My next thing im gonna do is lower the car a little with some knew springs and shocks because I tried to take a 20mph turn at 60 today and I spun out, scarry shit but luckily no cars were coming. I also want to get a FMIC but I need money considering the cost of that.

    By the way, thanks for your alls comments.
  6. JMizzle

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    what would you suggest I do first?????
  7. JMizzle

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    got exhauste and BOV. I need money to get other stuff.
    I am broke:(
  8. Red97GST

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    I would recommend putting the return tube back on between your BOV and intake pipe. Venting to the atmosphere like that will sound cool with the Type S BOV, but you will run rich and stumble between shifts. You will gain some increased driveability and maybe a gain in power by having the bypassed air going
    back to the intake.

    And in terms of getting a FMIC,do these first (most people do them in this order...) as the FMIC wont' really be worht the money until you get a bigger turbo. But for the bigger turbo you'll want to get beforehand:

    intake filter, boost gauge & boost controller, 2.5" or 3" downpipe with a high flow cat or test pipe (not sure if you did this already), then an upgraded fuel pump and EGT gauge to go along with a bigger turbo. You'll also want an apex'i S-AFC, the FMIC, and some upgraded injectors (Depending on the turbo setup).

    Cheapest stuff to do for right now is a K&N filter, manual boost controller ($50 (or you can make one yourself for $3)),
    boost gauge (VDO is cheap at around $45 or less), test pipe and downpipe ($250-300).

    Suspension is good stuff though. I just spend close to $1000 on susp. goodies, when I could have used that for go-fast stuff. Oh well, going fast with the wheel turned can be just as fun as going fast straight

  9. JMizzle

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    Ok before I make my car fast, I need to get my mpg worked out. Can any of you all tell me how I can get above 17mpg? Its taking me longet to get money when I am filling up twice a week with PREMIUM gas.:(
  10. Red97GST

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    Well, 17mpg isnt all that bad if you do mostly city driving or have a lead foot. I dont know if your car is auto or not, but 17mpg isn't all that uncommon for the auto AWD's especially. but if you are getting 17mpg with highway driving, try checking your O2 sensor, and the ground strap that runs from the downpipe to the chassis. A bad ground or bad o2 sensor can lead to the car running rich and will get you bad mpg


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