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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Semper Fidelis, Oct 13, 2008.

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    I'm fat. 265lbs @ 6 feet. I have a gym membership card, but I never go there because I'm too depressed.

    I guess I'm an alcoholic. I drink every day. Beer and booze. Just to feel a little better.

    I go to a school I hate just because it is my only chance to get better education. They specialized on computer science and maths... I suck at both.

    Thanks to my credit card I'm in like $2000 debt. And since I go to school I can't pay them back. I'm scared to tell my parents. Every month I hope there is enough money on my bank account to pay the interests. I have to "steal" money from my parents to get through.

    I haven't seen 90% of my friends for half a year. I don't want them to see me like that. (fat and worthless) So I avoid contact. Which resulted in them telling me to gtfo.

    Since I gained 100lbs in 6 months, I have stretch marks ALL over my body. Arms, legs, stomach, butt, waist... and I know they will be there forever. So why work out if I still look ugly.

    I'm STILL in love with a girl. Fell in love 4 years ago, she had several boyfriends since. Always depressed me to see her with another guy. Haven't seen her for 6 months, like most of my friends but I still think about her.

    I often cry myself to sleep, I have horrible nightmares all the time. I feel so fucking miserable... is there a way out of all this bullshit?
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    Know how you feel, bro. To be honest with you, the first step is going to be to get into that gym. The workout alone will not only help you lose the weight, but will get some endorphins into your system, helping your body/mind deal w/ the depression naturally. Also get back in touch w/ your friends, true friends are going to realize that your in a rough spot and will be a great support. One day at a time, brother.
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    Care,for all is like a bonsai tree
    Do not expect leperchauns to appear and solve your issues, do not wait, be the dictator of your own life and take the situation in your own hands.

    Do not allow your life to be stopped by fear and Do not let your actions speak of irrational and absurd fear for who you currently are as a person, what is needed in life is not fear, nothing can grow from that. Cast off your fear! Look forward! Go forward! Never stand still. Retreat and you will age. Hesitate and you will die

    If you are in a rut and stuck with your life, you need to give it a swing in a new and positive direction by carving a new path with your own power.

    Don't wait in life for a wake up call, make the most of it, because you might not get a second chance.

    Don't blame your parents. Don't blame god. You are responsible for who you are. If you want to change who you are, fucking do it. Blaming your genes or your invisible friend and continuing to live the lifestyle you hate will get you nowhere. Accept that you dug the hole you are in, now you've gotta pull yourself out of it if that is indeed what you want to do.

    Persistance is the key to succes
    While Lazyness is the cause of failures.
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    #1. Go to the gym! Lose weight, get in shape, you will build confidence, look, and feel better!
    #2. Stop drinking. It's a waste of time and money. Not only that but it is unhealthy.
    #3. Suck it up. Study hard.
    #4. Cut out unnecessary spending. That booze? Yeah get rid of it.
    #5. Use it as motivation to better yourself.
    #6. Whats done is done. Working out and getting in shape WILL make you look MUCH better.
    #7. Love yourself instead of focusing on loving her. Forget about her, meet new chicks.
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    Booze is only going to pack calories on, further your debt, and depress you even more. It's been addressed enough already - drop it.

    And please, adjust your diet and exercise accordingly. Focus on cardiovascular activities, visit the gym, and drop the whole idea that someone is judging you based on appearance. Personally, I place people in high value who are working to improve themselves - no matter how they look.

    Don't allow yourself to be a victim of unrequited love. Been there, done that. It happens, it sucks, but it's reality.

    Best of luck, there are people who've descended from much, much worse and are doing great.

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