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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by 88, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Well after the events that just transpired, I'm just looking to vent.

    Since the beginning of this year my life has gradually gone from a total high point to absoulute low, after starting college this year my life has plain sucked ass - the highlight of my week is going to the gym and venting alot of anger. Where do I begin..?

    It probably started when I came back and lived in my home town and caught up with my buddy who's been my best mate since grade school, the guy hasn't done anything with his life for the last 3 years, hes been sitting at home doing jack shit,and to date he still hasn't done shit even after countless times I've told him to do something with his life - this has probably emotional drained me.. to see a good friend going nowhere. I have no idea what to do and at the limit of my relationship with him.

    Aswell as this I have 2 other good mates who have no association with my best mate, who have I have gradually begun to hate and look at them with disgust - these guys have been like brothers to me for 5 years. Just then one of my friends GF drunk called me obviously out at a bar saying why arn't you here. I replied that I was never invited and she said "Oh that was my BF's job" or on the lines that. I literally - after that kept the conversation to the mininum because I was just thinking WTF. This guy had been, until recently, when he scored his girl, like a brother to me we would do pretty much everything together - since hes had his GF(his 1st one) I've barely seen the guy and when I do see him I just think WTF, he fights with the bitch weekly and his grades have dropped from, just passing to failing.

    I'm currently unemployed and have wasted 4K from a small trust fund which is about 50% of it. I just can't seem to find a job that I can enjoy so never even bother to apply, just hoping that something nice will turn up.

    I still live with my parents and absolutley don't get a long with my sister even though we are both early twenties, so I usually delay going home so I don't have to see her. But I get on rather well with my parents esp. my mum.

    From this, I'm also sucking at my class work this semester I failed 2 subjects last semester and there is a good chance I'll break the record this semester - I actually don't mind college but by the time I get home I'm to tired or to angry to do any work. Its a 1 hour drive each way to college, sometimes in peak hour. Also with college, what I've found is the people that are there are usually people I don't hang around with so its hard to make friends. Everyone seems so studious and smart and I can't stand these people.

    So Basically the only aspect of my life I currently enjoy is chatting to my mum and going to the gym.:hs: I don't know what to do. I'm just looking for opinions and advice on what to do.

    Also, my friends asked me out tomorrow night, should I go or just blow them off?

    Thanks, OT :hs:
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    You need to concentrate on school. Getting an education and learning how to educate yourself is one of, if not the, most important thing in life. When you get your grades up you'll feel a lot better about yourself. You'll be more confident and it will show through your body language.
    Don't stress yourself out worrying about your dead beat friend. If he isn't worried, why should you be? I have a couple of friends like exactly like that and trust me there is nothing you can say or do to make them change. They have to want to change. You can't help someone that doesn't want to help themselves. You can either cut him out of your life or continue to be his friend but maybe at a distance and then if he does ask for your help, be there for him.
    Do what makes you happy. Find a hobby or two and make some new friends. Go out with your old friends but only if you think you'll have fun.

    Focus on the positive. You're in school, you're healthy and you have a family that loves you. Make a list of things to be grateful for!
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    This situation isn't so bad.

    Everyone has to sacrifice some parts of a friendship to be in another comitted relationship. Your buddy is just really bad at it. Wait till she gets boring, he'll be crawling back.

    Your unmotivated friend, is he happy? If so, what's the big deal? If not, you can't help someone who won't help themselves.

    I drove to college myself, about the same distance, it sucked. Not much you can do about that but move out closer to school.

    I didn't get along with my sister until she graduated from college. She married a guy I get along with well. I still don't get along with her, but we compromise with each other now to be civil and lighthearted.
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    - Work harder at school [...]

    - Ditch people that are making you sad around you.

    - Find new people who seem to have a nice life. You will become like them in the long run.

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