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    In your amp, the low end.
    A while ago, I spiralled downwards, I made myself believe my life sucked.
    I convinced myself that I could not succeed at anything.
    I believed myself, I believed in my own lies.
    Until I hit the ground, from there I looked up.
    I realized what had happened, I saw my own truth.
    That is when I decided to change things.
    As adviced by a person from the asylum.
    Whenever my mind told me I could not do something, I just told it to shut up.
    Then I tried.

    Somethings I did fail, but I succeeded at more things.
    This made a big change in my life, where I no longer opressed myself.
    Right now, I feel I can do anything.
    I used to have social anxiety, now I no longer fear other people.
    I realize now that whatever I do.
    Some people will like me, while other people will not like me.
    So instead of trying to please everyone, I now focus on being me.
    Instead of pretending to be everyone's friend, I am now my own friend.
    So now more people react positively towards me, I now socialize with people.

    I used to never smile.
    Now some people refer to me as the person that smiles all the time.
    I can't help it, I'm just really happy about my current situation.
    I used to look in the mirror, and be depressed at the chubby image I saw there.
    Now I look in the mirror, and I see a good looking man.(Sure I could lose a few, but it does not bother me.)
    The person I can thank for my change, is AO.
    Thank you for opening my eyes.
    Thank you for helping me change.

    Also, thank you Asylum. For existing. :wavey: :hug:
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