My LS1 heads and cam dyno...

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Andre Avigdor, May 17, 2004.

  1. I recently got my 2002 M6 Z28 back from ARE in Toronto... Here's the latest dyno numbers, I will be upgrading my fuel system in the next 2 weeks so that I can use my 100HP dry kit... if you want to see more info about the car, check out my webpage @
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    Awesome numbers!

    I'm so Gen. III ignorant, I'm working to change that before a GTO finds it's way into my garage. :hs:
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    Nice numbers! What all bolt-ons did you have before the heads & cam dyno? Those were some pretty impressive numbers for just bolt ons.

    '02 M6 Z28 here too, just the basics for me right now, cat-back, lid, FTRA...

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    Why does it say 5.3L???
  5. Thanks... the question is what bolt-ons don't I have :bigthumb: If you look at the car section on my webpage you will see what kind of gains I picked up after each round of modifications...

    Power Mods
    -lid + K&N
    -FLP long tubes and ORP
    -FLP 3" Electric cut-out with stock Z28 catback :wiggle:
    -ported TB
    -descreened MAF
    -TR6 plugs
    -37lb injectors
    -Comp cams 230/230 112LSA XE-R lobes .592 lift 0 advance
    -5.3L ARE ported heads 2.02/1.57 valves
    -Dual Springs (987's)
    -NOS 5177 100HP dry kit
    -Fuel system to be upgraded in 2 weeks so I can spray it

    Suspension & drivetrain Mods
    -TORSEN RACEMASTER T-2R DIFFERENTIAL & Richmond 3.73 gears
    -SLP Lower Control Arms
    -SLP Panhard Rod
    -SLP Sway Bar
    -Kumho Ecsta MX 285/40/17 Ultra High Performance Tires on all 4 corners
    -10 spoke 17" SS rims

    Other Mods
    -B&M Ripper shifter with Hurst T shifter & NOS switch
    -Auto Meter Quick Lite shift light
    -Limo tint

    That's all I can think of right now...

    433HP & 410lb/ft @ the wheels or 509HP & 482lb/ft @ the crank
    A gain of 152HP & 94lb/ft at the crank from stock
    And A gain of 107HP & 58lb/ft at the crank from the pre heads & cam dyno
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    Wanna Race? :-D

    This is not everything I have on their...but gives Idea

    99' Red Formula
    440rwhp/417rwtq n/a---550rwhp/570rwtq TNT F1 100shot..MTI Tuned
    MTI Stg2+ 5.7L heads milled .045, SVO 30Lb'rs, WLbro 340 intake pump, MTI Lid w/K&N, Free Ram Air mod, MTI X1 230/227 .595/.575 112 Cam, 4000 3-disc Vig, Madman & Co. Racing suspension, Mac Mids w/ORY and Corsa Catback, !swaybar, Autometer Gauges and Tach, 29x10.5x15 Et Drags on Welds w/Skinnies up front


    Just givin ya a hard time. Nice numbers...ARE is a very nice shop...Nick is awsome to work with. :bigthumb: Congrats...
  7. Nice car Josey, What does she run?
  8. Josey

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    :rofl: :rofl: Yeah..she's run 10.86...that was still with the stock transmission that was slipping and the stock 10bolt rear with 323's...haven't gotten to play with her much yet after the new built tranny....still got the stock rear for right now...we'll see how long that holds up. I'm putting money away for the Bottom end as I have 115,000 on the stock one. No compression loss or oil burning...just gotta be ready if something does happen.
  9. When it comes to building a track car, nothing beats an automatic! But I still think banging the gears is more fun on the street :)
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    I'll race ya both

    2003 Jet Black KB-Powered Cobra
    10.5'[email protected]+




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  11. No problem... I'll even let you choose witch one of my bikes you will run against :wavey:
    *PS. you are best to take me up on my offer before I get my turbo and extended swing arm installed on the Busa this winter!

  12. Solid Snake

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    Damn I want a bike! :wtc:

    BTW, whos that ugly dude on your bike?! :rofl: :bigthumb:
  13. Josey

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    Solid Snake....Give me one more month till my 427 is put in...then I'll come lookin for ya!! :bigthumb:

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