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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by WaWaMKIVDub, Jul 30, 2009.

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    I feel that it may be infected. I have taken such good care of it and I used to have it done actually so I know what to do while its healing. It has been about 2 1/2 weeks since I got it done, and it is still swollen. Now its not crazy like the night I got it done, but it is definitely noticeable. I can also notice a scar tissue like feeling inside my lip, but its like the size of a marble. It doesnt hurt at all, and Im not getting any green discharge, just like an off-white.

    I had it done before and had to remove it for a job and it closed up. From that piercing I did have a small piece of scar tissue left in my lip. I wanted to get the new piercing done on the other side but the piercer insisted on doing it in the same spot so I wouldnt have 2 scars. So first we started with a smaller hoop, realized it didnt fit and moved to a bigger one, that was fun lol. The only thing I can think of why its still swollen is because it took her a few minutes to get the bigger hoop in and caused a lot more trauma then just a regular piercing. Any input on this would be helpful. Im tempted to just take it out but I really dont want to. Its just annoying because it didnt take this long to heal the first time I got it. Sorry for the novel lol :wavey:
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    If the discharge is still off-white it's not an infection.

    It's possible the ring is still too small and causing irritation in the piericing. Post a pic.

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