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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Axilrod, Jun 14, 2002.

  1. Axilrod

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    Well I've had 14 different single 12 setups doing anywhere from a 140-150. I've decided to move onto multiple woofers, and do something cool looking instead of building 3 boxes in a day and throwing them in the trunk uncarpeted until i find something I like. Here's the breakdown

    4 Diamond Audio M6 10s in a very curvy fiberglass box
    1 Orion XTR Pro 2400
    1 XTR Pro 800.4
    Powermax 225 Amp Alternator (ordered it today $655:(

    Oh well, I'm about to lose my license for 6 months, so I'm just gonna leave it at the shop, and I'll take pics as I progress. Wish me luck:bigthumb:
  2. 04

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    Looks cool, why did you lose your license for 6 months though?
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    Dec 12, 2000
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    well, without your license, figure this, you can save alot of money.. and put it into making the truck look pimp..

    that happened to a buddy of mine.. he worked ALL the time.. like 10-14 hours a day.. slept the rest.. went out on sunday.. worked saturday for the OT.. just made silly money..

    saved up.. bought stuff for his car.. and learned about stereo's installed it all himself, and now he has a bangin system..
  4. Axilrod

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    Well my car is paid for, my parents pay insurance and gas, but my car is gonna be up there a while.

    Why I lost my license, 26 over, 81 in a 55, I was excited and on my way to Florida for my senior trip, and that completely ruined my vacation, but I honestly thought it was a 65, and .5 miles ahead it turned into one, but the fucking cop had to meet his fucking quota cause it was the end of the fucking month. What made me really mad was what an ass he was, he threw my license and insurance at me.
  5. Axilrod

    Axilrod Guest

    Oh Yeah I decided tonight that I'm doing 4 XTR Pro 15s in a wall, and either 2 XTR Pro 1400s or 4 XTR Pro 900s, but we're gonna make the face out of 1 inch plexiglass and put mirrors inside the box:bigthumb: Basically, the amps are gonna be about 900, gettin the subs for 600(Awesome deal), and the labor that I dont do will be dirt cheap because I used to work there (boss is a dick otherwise it would be free), materials on the low low.

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