MY pc at startup--WTF!!is wrong now

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by GOPATRIOTS, Jun 23, 2003.



    I always turn off the computer when Im not going to use it and about a half hour ago,I turned it on and a lil screen came up sayingWINDOWS 98 SETUP---System updating Settings and for 20 min it was just sittin there til then I pushed CTRL+DEL+ALT and went to end task..WTF was that about now im scared to turn it off :ugh: ..ANyone know how to fix that,I have no idead wtf it was updating...
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    First off I would say its probably time to update windows if you're still using 98. Did you install any software or updates before you turned it off?
    In the long run, its actually better for you to just leave the computer on all the time.


    If I leave it on itll just crash on me,

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