A&P My photography (hardcore concerts)

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by PJP, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. PJP

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  2. stompfest

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    pretty good. I like most of the composuer of the shots...

    the color I would try messing with the saturation and contrast a little more... I personaly think the contrast could be higher... with more saturation you get really black blacks and the neon light/ bright colors give it a almost sureal look.

  3. vodomagoo

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    i like them, the best imo is the one with the pa speaker on the left side of the frame, ever try to get some close ups on there faces??
  4. PJP

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    where do i mess with the saturation? i just got this digital camera, canon a40 powershot, my first camera, aslo i will be taking a college course in spring for intro photography. and about the close ups, I will try that next time, I like to get all the band members together most the time though.

    also my photoshop 7 is down so these are all just genuine shots

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