My PSP kills batteries?

Discussion in 'Gamers' Pulse' started by Eyau, Oct 2, 2009.

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    Alright so I have a psp 2000, the rachet and clanks one. My battery was working fine until one day, I totally killed it, and when plugged in, it wouldnt charge. Fine, I've been using it awihle, it happens. bought a new sony brand battery, stuck it in, had 2 bars of battery, used it til about 1 bar. Tried to charge it, Doesn't charge...

    Option #2 now was...batteries won't charge through psp battery charger. Fine, I bought it just got it, The charge blinks orange (meaning there is an issue). GREAT...

    Any ideas?

    *Doesn't do anything when plugged into computer either*

    Cliffs -

    PSP wouldnt charge, got new battery, got my psp on but wouldnt charge, bought external charger, wont charge
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    Maybe it is the charge port on the PSP itself?

    That sucks. I have had my PSP since the launch day and had no issues with it.

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