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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Guest, Jul 19, 2001.

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    for the lazy :wiggle: :


    where is the mod list?

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    Wheels and Tires:
    18" 5Zigen GT-8's
    Yokohama Parada
    Interior Modifications:
    MOMO Cobra Shift Knob
    APC Racing Pedals
    Hawian Print Seat Covers
    Exterior Modifications:
    Tanabe Race Medalion Exhaust
    Wings West Touring Wing
    PIAA Super Whites
    Blue Strobes
    Mirror Tint(all around)
    Front Air Vents (Removed)
    Red Calipers
    AEM Cold Air Intake
    AEM UnderDrive Pulleys
    Eibach Pro-Kit (1.3 drop)
    Sony Explode Head Unit
    Legacy 800w Amp
    2/12"JBC's in a BanPass Box
    Securtiy System:
    Python w/ a Scanner on the rear view mirror.
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    stock shocks? Prokits are made for stock shocks but still wondering
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    Yeah I have stock shocks. Really no need for aftermarket ones.
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    :bigok: R I C E :bigok: :tfg: :fu:
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    You're missing a wiper -- cuz it's not a mercedes
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    The pic is about a year old and I have done lot's of changes. For one I don't have the single wiper anymore, and my VIS body kit is on the way. I'm waiting for a good turbo to come out for my car, there are a few out but I've heard bad stories.
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    turbo is turbo, do a custom setup and get your piping made to fit.

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