My rusty 72 Chevy LWB and resto'ed buggy (and website)

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    '72 Cheyenne/20, 3/4 ton 2WD. 350/TH350/4.11's, 454 throttle body injection & a moates G2/Atmel modified 7747 ECM for flash memory. All plastic lenses blacked out, headlight doors powdercoated onyx black, and for the time being, no other modifications.

    Short term plans include working more on the custom tune so it runs better/pulls harder, a moates ostrich for faster tuning turnaround, an OD manual transmission and eventually I'll probably even get around to patching some of the rust holes.

    Long term plans include IRS from a 'vette, aluminum heads & LT1 intake, relocating the fuel tank to the rear and a new bed floor that has less rust.


    '59 VW Chassied fiberglass buggy

    Sat for 10 years, top down, in bloomington MN - nearly everything was ruined
    I got it for free
    pic above it a little dated, body now sits on chassis complete with suspension, brakes, tires and the start of an electrical system

    Still needs a battery, starter, clutch, engine, seats - labor remaining is just finishing electrical system and installing aforementioned items

    Short term plans include getting it driveable, front end alignment, taking to a few shows this summer

    long term plans include replacing the swingaxles with IRS and a freeway flier transmission, type IV motor, turbo, ball joint front axle and swaybar

    info on both as well as some of my other vehicles at my website:
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    Love that style body... One of these days I'll get one. Deffinitly an MN truck tho.. lol. Good luck with the project(s)!

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