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    Alright, I have an interesting problem and I want to know if there is anyone who can point me into the right direction with fixing this. First off before I state the problem, no I do not want to attempt to bypass my school packet shaping or violate any Student agreements that could get me expelled, I just want to be able to recieve DCC requests on IRC!

    For the first 2 years here at school before packet shaping, IRC was a great source for anime and OSTs for me. Right now I am looking to download a good OST however, it is a big problem for me to even get any form of DCC to connect. I could understand our ResNet just not allowing you to connect to Kazaa and all that other crap, but IRC?

    I have no problems actually connecting to IRC servers like Rizon, thats all fine, but whenever any IRC send begins no matter what IRC client I am using "normal mIRC, Polaris, Invision, Sysreset...etc) it will freeze my IRC for about 1-5 minutes and eventually disconnect me from IRC. This is weird, I don't get it. I will get the confirmation from the XDCC bot like "Sending pack #? (blah...)" This sucks, I doubt there is anything I or anyone could do to help me. I am hoping that it might be the ports I am using for IRC. Let me give you all that info.

    mIRC Version: 6.16
    Default Port: 6999
    If you guys need my port range, let me know, but I dunno what that has to do with anything
    Identd Port: 113
    DCC Listen Port: 59

    Any help is appreciated :x:

    Also, let me add that everyone else I have talked to here at my school familar with IRC has not experienced problems downloading through IRC, just me. I am not sure whats the problem.
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