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  1. 200 Amp Alternator
    Alpine Cda 7892 HU
    MTX Thunder 81000D Amp
    1.0 Farad Cap
    4 Pioneer 6x8's 220 watt 3ways using ford mach 460 amps.
    2 10'' Kicker Solo Baric L7's
    Bass Boost Controller Mounted under steering wheel.

    This is still a work in progress, I want to get rid of the 6x8s and the 460 amps.
    The Pioneers can only hold their sound with no distortion up to volume 15 on the head unit hehe at half volume the car is damn loud but i want to take advantage of everything the head unit has to offer.

    This setup is in a 2000 V6 black mustang.
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    just turn down the bass on the HU, if your sub amp is connected to the subwoofer output the bass setting on the HU should only effect the speakers

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