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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Biomechanoid, Nov 23, 2003.

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    Oct 21, 2003
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    Ordering it right now:


    two sets of these:

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    and two of these:

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    Before I finalize all of this: any pros/cons to the amp/speaker combos I've got going?

    I've heard the Kappa's in person and fell in love with them right there, so that's not going to change.

    as far as mounting goes; I'm looking at mounting one set of the kappas on the ceiling in the extended cab part of my pickup, positioned pretty much behind and above the seat so that I can get good imaging, and the other set as an angled mount that's going to be protruding somewhat from the door panel as the stock speaker posititions in my ranger (by the knees, behind the seats) gives shitty imaging and when you legs are infront of the speaker (ie when you are in the seat), the sound qualitity is effected.

    The subs: I listen to a wide variety of music, but mostly techno and death metal. that being said; I've heard about 8 different kinds of 10" and 4 different kinds of 12" and my ear liked the way 12" subs (in general) handled the large tonal change from "clear" bass from techno to the distorted bass from a hardcore metal set.
    I'm planning on making my own fiberglass enclosures for all the speakers, but pending the results of a test run on a fiberglass PC rack, I might wait another month (or two with the holidays) and have the enclosures made and installed at a professional shop.

    As far as amplifiers go, the US Acoustics has all the features I loved on my currently dead eclipse, and the exact RMS for the kappas which I lust after.

    The JBL 1200.1 I picked bassed off the reccomendations I got from this forum and two friends of mine who own them. my only concern is that while I may be getting the right RMS for the subs I've selected; I'm worried about fucking up the wiring and blowing a sub (at least, from one of my bud's experiences, and the testimonies at sounddomain it sounds like an easy thing to do). So once all this arrives, I might just end up shelling out the money for a proffessional install, figuring another $1,000-$1,500 if I have them install and setup my car's PC too.

    So what do you all think?
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    Stryke underrates its woofers by a wide margin. For short periods of time, I see no reason why the AV12 can't handle over 1000 watts of power. Granted you probably don't want to play them like that all day, but your amp won't put out that much power anyways :)

    I personally would only get one set of component speakers and run them up front. But if you really want rear fill, I would suggest to buy a less expensive pair of speakers for the back, such as the coaxial pair thats around 100 dollars or less.

    As for the 12" woofers handling the "tonal" change better, that is probably just due to the enclosures that the woofers you heard were in. A 15" woofer can sound just as tight as a 12" but will usually require a larger enclosure to work in. Conversely, a 10" for example would sound as tight as well, but might need a smaller enclosure. It really depends on the speaker, and there are no hard and fast rules.

    Otherwise the system looks good to me. I think you will be very impressed with the Stryke woofers, they are a smaller company, but I've got one of their more inexpensive SAE 1204 woofers in my car, and it gets around 500 watts of power and likes it just fine.
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    I probably wouldn't go with the above and behind speaker don't want much power behind'd be like going to a concert and facing away from the stage/speakers....

    i don't even run rear speakers, that's up to the user but i like my sound in front of me where it belongs :big grin:

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