My Ws6 is Back! Cobra,DSM,STI,600cc,TT350z,v6 Firebird

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    Ok guys this ones a new one! Spec Clutch is now one of my sponsors, and they helped me get my car back on the road. I ended up having to get a new Master Cylinder as well, so now the clutch is grabing great, and the pedal feels awsome! I had the car in "show mode" the last 2 months for some car shows, including SBN2008, where I placed 5th out of like 60 cars in my class. I also got some new wheels from tomzwheels, so the crapy wagon wheels are finally gone! I also want to thank everyone for watching my videos, including the 3 old ones myself, all4bspinnin, and camaross22 posted on Streetfire. Becuase of you guys watching them and giving them kudos, we each won $250 gift cards to summit racing. Thanks guys!
    Honestly I love racing, and I love making these videos for everyone. I get a lot of emails from guys over seas fighting for our freedom, and I want to thank everyone for keeping us safe! This ones for you guys! Thank you everyone for all your support, and enjoy!
    [​IMG]My Ws6 is Back! Cobra,DSM,STI,600cc,TT350z,v6 Fire

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