N20 Idea's..Need help on routing.

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Aaron74, Sep 20, 2003.

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    I just bought a NOS Dual Shot Cheater system. And I'm planning on the install. I need a few idea's on how I need to go about fueling for the N20. My motors fuel is supplied by an Edelbrock mechanical fuel pump. It's got one main fuel inlet line to the pump and one 1/4 outlet return line back to the tank (standard).

    For the N20 I have a 5 gallon fuel cell. I was thinking (just some brain storming) that i will use that cell with a small inline electric fuel pump, just for the N20 system. Here's my thought on routing that. Fuel cell-main fuel line-elec. pump-fuel regulator in the engine bay-N20 fuel solenoid (with the return line running back to the cell from the fuel regulator). I want to run 104 octane in the cell to help avoid problems.

    My main question is can i use the fuel cell strictly for the N20t(toggled in with the arm switch) and the normal 93 octane gas running from the mech pump just for the motor alone? Or do I need to go about this another way? I can always go by what the instructions say, but I'd like to be able to run the race gas just for the N20 fuel since it's about 6.00$ a gallon from where I get it.

    This plan seems like I wouldn't have to worry about running lean when spraying. Since the carb would be meatering the fuel that the motor needs, and the solenoids, jets and nozzles would be controlling the fuel for the N20.

    Does this sound like a bad idea??


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