name some good brands of sys memory

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Azn Bed Rocka, Feb 16, 2003.

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    Many choices out there but which brands are the ones that I need to look into first ? If it matters, im looking for DDR ram. Ive heard that Mushkin RAM is good. . .any other ones ? :dunno: does it even matter ?

  2. Maxvla

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    corsair is the best but you pay for it.

    the kingston valueram is great stuff. my 512mb stick of pc2700 does 218mhz cas2.

    mushkin isn't as good as it used to be. i sold my pc3000 stick cause it couldn't even break 200mhz cas2.
  3. BowtieGuy

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    Crucial is a good choice for those who want price/performance
    Corsair and Mushkin are definitely awesome.
    Samsung and OCZ are kind of in the middle

    If you buy generic you might never have a problem, however its just nice having name brand components.
  4. Kabuko

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    Corsair XMS. As said above Crucial is decent. Micron is good too. Kingston is a good buy usually (think cheap, but ok quality). Mushkin is not bad, but really you might as well go with Corsair for the price. I have a low opinion of OCZ.
  5. BowtieGuy

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    yeah, OCZ has some compatibity issues. for instance my friend's OCZ wouldnt work in his soyo KT333 dragon, but it would work in my Asus P4S333.

    I like kingston ram as well, but i haven't heard any opinions either way on their DDR

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