SRS Narcissistic Personality Disorder [Serious Discussion]

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  1. This is serious response to a post which appears to be anything but serious. I felt it deserved some additional attention for those who actually need information on the disorder. Here was the original thread. HERE

    The individual began the post by saying he thought he might suffer from Narcissism. While his post may very well be a joke, the disorder is quite real and so I've discussed it below. I took my response from the original thread and simply posted it here as it's own thread. Hope you all find it useful.

    Whether your post or this thread is sincere or not matters little to me, but it does provide a grand opportunity to teach other members about this disorder. With that said, I'm going to explain here what I know about the condition.

    In many ways your compulsive obsession with yourself must be a debilitating social obstacle for you to navigate. Hopefully you'll enter counseling, else you may go on to be one of those "greatest" people who no one ever acknowledges because of your arrogance and pretension. If there is one thing people dislike more - including the smartest and most brilliant among us - is someone with your attitude.

    The irony of the Narcissistic personality - which indeed you suffer from -- is that most of what this type of person says is often lies, exaggerated, or they are so exceptionally crippled in the empathy department that their worlds are actually empty, and a sham. People who suffer from this disorder are often incapable of understanding how their hurtful patterns and behavior impact other people. Because the Narcissistic personality tends to focus heavily on self, other people become peripheral puppets to be used and abused to serve the higher goal of the Narcissist. This self-important indulgence is a disease, rather than a benefit to the person suffering from this disorder, but rarely does one who suffers from the condition actually see it or admit it since their world is shrouded in fantasy, illusion, and often delusion. To see the truth of their disorder would illuminate the fact that they've built their entire world on a fault line, and none of it will withstand actual adversity or scrutiny.

    This disease is known to severely affect relationships with others - which certainly you're already having problems with - and second it often leads to addiction: drug abuse, alcohol abuse/use, or more severe consequences.

    The Narcissistic personality is much like a stage prop. It's fragile, but appears from the outside to be solid, strong and stable. The truth is, there is nothing behind it. These people often feel empty, alone, and usually suffer the negative results of how their behavior limits them.

    People with this disorder usually develop it as a result of childhood abuse [many varieties]

    People with this disorder basically look for things in themselves, or in worldly objects [including people] to fill them and make them feel whole and good. The obsession with self is in-fact just a delusion with a dash of denial to prevent the individual from actually feeling what they "really" feel about who they are. It's an extreme case of "Act as if." If you feel like a loser, but pretend you're a God - then maybe you'll begin believing it, and indeed in this disorder these people do begin to believe their own self produced, and self directed delusion.

    Here is a brief synopsis of the disorder.

    Narcissistic personality disorder​


    A disorder of the personality characterized by self-centeredness, being self-absorbed, and an inability to empathize with the effects of one's behavior on others.
    Causes, incidence, and risk factors

    The cause of this disorder is unknown, but one theory proposes that childhood experiences can cause this disorder to develop. This disorder usually begins by early adulthood.


    * Reacts to criticism with feelings or rage, shame or humiliation
    * Takes advantage of others to achieve own goals
    * Self-important
    * Exaggerates achievements and talents
    * Preoccupation with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, or ideal love
    * Unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
    * Requires constant attention and admiration
    * Lacks empathy​

    Signs and tests

    A psychological evaluation may be performed.


    As with all personality disorders, psychotherapy may help, in this case aiding the person to relate to others in a more positive and rewarding way.

    Expectations (prognosis)

    The outcome varies with the severity of the disorder.


    * May interfere with relationship with others
    * Alcohol use or drug abuse​

    Last Reviewed: 5/18/2001 by Christos Ballas, M.D., Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network.


    (1)Yahoo Health - Narcissistic personality disorder
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    I really think I have this issue, not to a great degree, but I definitely have some of the symptoms. :hs:
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    I think this is my first post here, but I've been reading OT a lot lately and the former thread on this was of interest to me.

    This has been the first time I've heard of Narcissism and, oddly enough, I have all of the above symptoms. Though, I don't have pictures of myself all over the place and don't find myself to be the most handsome man alive or anything like that, but I do have a a fascination with looking at myself in mirrors, or doors with reflections, etc. I come off as arrogant more times than not, and often feel that I have a better chance to succeed than most people around me, that I'm smarter, and just plain superior, etc. I have a hard time listening to people talk about themselves and usually just blatantly say I don't care and start talking about myself. I'm aware that I'm doing it and try not to since it's rude, but I can't help myself - I get impatient. Most of the time I can't carry on a conversation with my peers (I'm 15) and be interested in it unless part of it's about myself. I've been like this my whole life though, especially the part of me feeling I'm intellectually superior to most of those around me - and I often unintentionally belittle people I find to be inferior to me. I certainly don't want to be this way, as it's not a good trait to have (although I've often said that arrogance is just a reflection of ones self confidence - I'm coming to realize it won't help me much when trying to get a job, etc.). I consider myself an elitist, and find nothing wrong with it - well, at least I didn't find anything wrong with it until I realized it could actually be a mental disorder...

    I didn't really think most of this was out of the ordinary, or that such a mental disorder even existed until now. I'm in the IB program ( and most of the people in it have at least a small bit of arrogance in their personality, but I don't think it's as bad as how I am sometimes.

    Anyway, the main thing that alarmed me is that I have all of the above symptoms. I don't really want to go up to my mom and say "I suffer from Narcissism" she'll think it's just me being a hypochondriac or something probably. Plus, I don't think I'd need a shrink for anything like this - it's not like it's something that stops me from functioning - it's just an opinion I have of myself and others. The last physiatrist I went to was for just for me and my step dad not getting along, but being my normal self - when he asked me if I had any questions - I questioned his credentials. That probably wasn't the best first impression, heh.

    I've been told my many people, and thought so myself, that I have a mild case of OCD (I have the obsessions, but not as often the compulsions), perhaps these two things are connected or something? Perhaps they aren't though as mild OCD is pretty common in my family and such.

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    With that post, I decided to search google for "Personality Disorders" as I figured there were tons more than what we discussed in health last year.

    One of the first results was to a personality disorder quiz, so I figured I'd take it, well here were the results - in case any of these are maybe affected by puberty and such, I'm 15...

    Disorder | Rating
    Paranoid: High
    Schizoid: Moderate
    Schizotypal: High
    Antisocial: High
    Borderline: Moderate
    Histrionic: High
    Narcissistic: Very High
    Avoidant: High
    Dependent: Low
    Obsessive-Compulsive: High

    URL of the test:

    I'd be embarrased to share the results and stuff with most other people (primarily my parents) so what else should I do? I don't feel I'm a threat to myself or to other people (I have a fear of being the cause of harm to family members - though I've had inappropriate thoughts about it - but I don't think I'd ever harm any of them.) Is there a sort of medication I should take? I personally feel these things are mind, but still that test kind of raised some concerns as I never really thought about myself being most of those things except mild forms of OCD and Narcissistic.

    One thing that didn't really fit me was Schizoid, even though it only said I was moderate:

    [size=-1]I actually do want to be socially accepted, and used to be part of the "popular" group but then I would always think they really didn't want to be friends with me and I was imposing or something so I would seperate myself from them. I like being a lone a lot as I don't have to worry about what others are thinking about me, but I'm not a loner as I can socialize with some people - I'm just shy and too afraid of not being socially accepted. :\
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    Yeah, but only around people I don't know. A lot (not all) of the people I've known for a while I can be very extroverted around, but then others not at all.

    *seeks advice on what I should do...*

    I'm not really worried about the introverted things and such, but "[size=-1]mild schizophrenia" (Schizotypal) is something that sparked some concern from me.
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    But shouldn't anxiety and most of these disorders be constant, not just off and on? I was reading the examples on here and some of them are familiar. When I'm in the mall, I'm afraid to go in some stores for fear of what the people will think of me. However, I'm on the debate team and in Model United Nations and can generally function pretty normally there.

    Another thing that is off and on is my OC tendencies, from what I've read most people with it have it constantly, and not off and on. Sometimes things I'll notice will bother me and other times they won't. Is this normal, does it leave any less reason for concern? I don't want to have to see a doctor unless it's absolutely nescessary, I'm pretty much embarrassed to mention all of this to my parents and stuff. I've often just attributed this to being shy, but now I'm not sure if it's that or more. *shrug*
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    Debate team is just me, my partner, the two people on the other team, and the judge. I just think about beating them - I mean, I think about them thinking about me, but try not to. I always win some sort of award and I get really embarassed if I don't get first. That's silly though, since most people there don't get anything.

    I don't know if I'm able to do stuff alone, as I stated before I'm 15 so I don't have my license. I can't really go places without a parent or someone driving me there. I'm afraid of going into stores by myself though generally, my mom gets mad about that. I also get really nervous before calling somebody - even if it's just a store or restraunt, etc. I'm afraid to call friends in fear that I'm calling at a bad time, but I'm OK generally if they call me.

    (by the way, I totally apologize for hijacking this thread, but the original intention was about this disorder. :p)
  8. Yes, I wrote the parts above "Here is a brief synopsis of the disorder." - everything below is sourced and referenced. You may use it to educate.
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    Jan 9, 2005
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    Thanks for all the info, Metallic Blue. My exhusband was recently diagnosed with this and I didn't bother to google it yet to see what exactly it is about. This describes him to a 'T'.
    Now I know why I felt left out & unable to please, and why I could not get him so see my views on anything. I wish I had known about this 15 years ago. I would have quit beating the dead horse then.

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