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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by neebelung, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. neebelung

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    At the encouraging of BrokenHalo, I've decided to share a little story with ya'll.... (for those of you who frequent "that other forum", this may be a re-post....) This was a lovely evening at home a couple weeks ago....


    .....Last night I'm sitting around at the boyfriend's house... he's working on going over his bills, making a few phone calls, etc.... earlier in the day, I had emailed him a link someone had given me of some Tera Patrick photo galleries (he adores her)... so I said, "I'll make myself useful!" hopped online and started going through the pics. Meanwhile, he's sitting on the bed behind me, watching over my shoulder. In a few minutes, he's pushed aside what he was working on, and is fully entralled with the pics I had found....

    Of particular interest was a series of photos involving her with two men, culminating in a lovely double-facial... I coulnd't help myself. She looked so beautiful, her hair and makeup immaculate, lips glossy and pink, yet splattered with the seed of these two men... little droplets of it covered her cheek, her lips, her chin and breasts.

    I left that final shot up on the monitor, knelt on the floor beside the bed and started kissing my boyfriend.... within moments, things got quite heated, and I pulled away from him to whisper my demands into his ear....

    "Baby... you've got a decision to make..... you can either cum all over my face, or bend me over and fuck my ass."

    After he caught his breath, he groaned slightly, and kissed me, hard and forcefully. With a huge smile on his face, he admitted he was torn between the two choices. He asked what I would prefer, but I assured him the choice was his to make..... he quickly stood up, peeled off his shorts and stood before me, his cock (in it's glorious state) presented to me.

    I gave him a wicked grin and a giggle before I went about ferociously sucking at it... his hands became entangled in my hair while I sucked. It took only a few minute for his balls to tighten up, and I knew I would be receiving my prize soon.... he pulled away from my mouth, and stroked it over my waiting, open mouth. I licked and sucked at his balls, gently rolling them on my tongue, all the while looking up at him, staring into his eyes. As his stroked grew faster, I leaned back slightly, and opened my mouth wide.... he came in long, thick streams, across my face and tongue, then rubbed the head of his cock all over my face, smearing it all over my skin. I took him in my mouth once again as his climax subsided, and giggled as we collapsed on the bed together.

    It was quite some time before he regained his breath and his legs stopped shaking......

    I think tonight I'll demand the 'other' option I offered him last night..........
  2. David02

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    Holy hell... you boyfriend is one lucky man! :bowdown:

    I've made some tough decisions before, but I'm not sure what I would have picked in that situation. You must give INCREDIBLE head for him to pick that over fucking you in the ass. Wow... I'm seriously hard... and still 2 more hours before I can go home to whack it! :o

    Please let us know how tonight goes!
  3. LuMpY

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    Nov 30, 2003
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    east Iowa
    WOO WOO!!!! Good stuff there.
  4. trigger-hippy

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    Jan 4, 2005
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    Nice, next time he has that kind of choice, post a poll and let the people decide your fate, an interactive story, now there's an idea.
  5. neebelung

    neebelung Guest

    Oh now THERE'S an idea... :naughty: Could prove very fun...... Well this weekend is already planned out to the last detail, but maybe next week I'll give this idea a whirl!
  6. Jester

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    Oct 30, 2004
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    Damn, girl. Nice story. I don't think I'm the only one looking forward to more of them!

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