Need a 1/8 plug to car audio solution.

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by VicenteFox, Feb 13, 2004.

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    I want a way to connect a few 1/8 plug things to my car's stereo system. mainly mp3 player and notebook computer.

    I tried the simple way and used a 1/8th plug to cassette converter, it works but the quiet static and the cassette whirling inside the head unit really pisses me off.

    I've read about these little units that put a 1/8th plug source into an FM radio wave so your car can pick it up. for 30 bucks these sound tempting, anyone try these? quality? range?

    and the other method that sounds expensive is to have a direct connection into the headunits AUX. i have a random GM AC Delco head unite in my 98 yukon and i'm not even sure it can support it. Is there a way to connect a 1/8 stereo jack into this? will i need to buy a new headunite?

    Thanks in advance for advice.
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    FM modulators sound like ass, much worse than cassette converters. And you need to constantly be changing the frequency if you drive more than about 20 miles, especially in urban areas.

    One of these:

    (I think the GM9 model for your yukon)

    will let you plug straight into the CD changer input for about $70. Totally worth it, in my opinion.
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    personally I would look at some kind of an adapter (something like what was suggested abbove, or perhaps a similar setup by blitzsafe) would give you the best sound since it is a direct link. that being said FM modulators aren't that bad if they are placed correctly, i have done many fm modulated systems in your year and style suv and never once had a problem. the down side to it is that it still won't give you the same consistent sound as a direct link would, but costs about as much.

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