TECH Need a cheap but powerful gaming laptop


Jan 29, 2006
And all of the customizable ones I see can never fit what I want.

I want something like a Radeon 6970, an i5 or i7 maybe, 4gig ram, bluray burner and a smallish 128gb SSD. I dont give a fuck about webcams or overall laptop screen size. I want a powerful portable computer that isnt overloaded, but had a solid graphics card and enough cpu to back it up. I dont need 16gb ram and I dont want a dvd burner. fuck these 5400/7200rpm drives, and fuck mass storage. I have a server with 4x2tb mostly full, so I just want a fast booting windows, and fast booting apps.

Why is this so hard? I dont want your 750gb 7200rpm drive, ship me the fucking thing with no drive, no bullshit extra support and keep your 2mp webcam.

When I game ill deal with a 13-14" screen until I use the hdmi cable and my wireless gaming shit, and fuck your 2 hour batteries

Alienware is real close on the m17x/m18x but its too overloaded for what I need, and paying too much for the name. Ive never really seen a cpu hold a computer back, but it seems some of these i7's they are pumping out are just overkill... unless you can convince me to stfu and buy, im going to bitch about the bang for buck in portability these days

/rant :ugh2:


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Aug 22, 2011
Seattle Crew
not exactly a perfect match but HP pavilion dv7 is pretty much the best bang for your buck. Model: dv7-6135dx | SKU: 2678499

Or find the older model which is basically same shit but slightly less ram and smaller harddrive.

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