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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by Peak_Oil, Jan 11, 2009.

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    I'm going to be reworking my gun setup pretty soon.

    My carry permit came through, so I need an under the shoulder holster for a G19.

    An under the bed safe for my old lady and her Bersa .380.

    A full size safe for a couple rifles and shotties, and some of our household valuables.

    Possibly a couple of nice quality door locks and/or a nice security lock for the front door.

    A high quality polycarb film for our back windows and a motion sensor light/alarm for our back deck.

    I've seen reviews on various things in the recent past but I'm just curious if any of you guys have done a recent overhaul on your personal security setup.

    Any suggestions for me? We's expectin' sometime in the next year or so, and I would like our gear to be installed with young children in mind. In other words, I don't want one of those $19.95 shotgun holders that slips between the box spring and mattress, as cool as they are.

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    3m makes good window films.

    It may sounds nuts, but I'm going to have this installed on the windows around my doors and any other larger windows for now. Eventually have it on all first floor windows. You can't tell it's on the window, plus it stops sunlight from damaging and fading your stuff.

    For your bedside safes, I'd get something you can get open ASAP if you have to get one, something like a fingerprint safe. Realistically, I have my bedside gun locked up when not home, and unlocked and available when I am home and at night.
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    Don't forget to do more than just beef up the door locks too. Reinforce the area that the lock goes into, be sure its using long screws, etc. The high road has several older threads with good advice on shoring up some of these areas.

    As far as a shoulder holster, I have an alessi and like it. Be prepared for a wait if you order, he's been sick. His own estimate will probably be a little optimistic too. Josh Bulman makes a similar shoulder rig and I want to say I've also heard good things about andrews.

    Now as a warning, I don't know how big a guy you are but you're probably going to need a jacket or sport coat to hide a horizontal g19 under. I was hoping I could stick my P99 under a button down shirt, and I probably can, buts its on the edge of concealability. Smaller guys would probably not be able to do that. If I do a shoulder holster again, it will be for a subcompact or maybe a j-frame. Two j-frames has always seemed like a nice well balanced idea to me, especially with pull through snaps

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    I don't like shoulder holsters for two reasons.

    It's easier to block someone drawing from a shoulder holster.
    It's pointed behind you or at you until you get it out of the holster and pointed the right direction.

    I'll preach strong side IWB until I die.

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