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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Fat_Nate, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. Fat_Nate

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    Im looking to install a line lock on my 72 Monte Carlo I need to know which is the best brand to buy.

    Thanks for your time
  2. flyinbrian

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    Nov 3, 2003
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    I installed a Biondo Racing linelock from Jeg's on my car a few years back. I looked at all of them available at the time. They are all simple solenoids, none better than the other IMO. No problems whatsoever.

    Looking in my Jeg's catalog now, I no longer see the Biondo unit. The B&M piece comes with all the hardware for $69.99. I wouldn't spend any extra money on another one because of the name or whatever. If you already have a switch and stuff, the Jeg's unit is $45.99.

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