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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Robb, Dec 31, 2004.

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    okay, i bought an asrock p4s61 board and 2 x 512 pc3200 ram, now i get the board and it says that the first dimm supports 3200, the second 2700 the 3rd 2100, now i know if i use the first 2 slots i will only have a gig at 2700, but i also have a 256mb 2100 in my current computer, should i put it in the 3rd slot or no? Would that give me all the ram at 2100? Thanks for the help
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    RAM will always run at the lowest latency, so you can use PC3200 and PC2700 together but both will run at 2700. So if your board has 3 latencies which is really odd and all slots are filled then you'll run at the lowest speeds.
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    what kind of cpu are you using? if its a 800MHz FSB then i'd personally only use one stick of the pc3200 and thats it. However its its the 533MHz FSB, then you could use all three.

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