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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Joe, Jul 10, 2002.

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    K, so here's my situation... i want to be able to play mp3 cds in my car...

    problem is i have a 99 GM with the 1.5 DIN and steering wheel controls...

    possible solutions:

    get a new HU that has a remote, and get one of them signal converters to learn the remote and thus use to control the stereo

    get a cd changer w/ fm modulator that has mp3 capability...

    the problem with the new head unit is i really don't like they way people wiht single din stereos in a 1.5 din space look... even with really nice flush mount kits, i still think it looks awkward...

    the problem with the changer is that i hear the sound quality isn't as good with an fm modulator...

    i haven't seen a 1.5 din reciever with changer controls for a changer with mp3 capabilites yet....

    any suggestions? (please, no 'sell the car and get a real car' suggestions...)

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