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    My scenario is driving me nuts..over a year ago I got my third DUI here in Illinois and was sentenced to jail, 75 hrs treatment, 2yrs probation, public service, and hefty fines. My probation officer is making me switch counselors from a long-standing one up in Milwaukee (home town) to here in Chicago because he claims I'm not making an effort to satisfy my 75-hr requirement (total bullshit). To make matters worse, he's not giving me credit for the hours I've already worked with him to this point. :ugh:

    I have to have proof of treatment and/or counseling by the 29th and I have no idea who or where the hell to call as I've had shitty therapists in the past by blindly calling them. Does anyone have any recommendations for good Drug and Alcohol therapy in Chicago? I prefer one-on-one because I think the group outpatient/inpatient is no good (I get group therapy from AA meetings), and I want to actually get something out this.

    Also, I have to do 50hrs of public service, and I'm kind of bent on where I should offer my help to.

    Any suggestions?

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