Need advice v. One computer for work and play

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Necromancer, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Necromancer

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    I'm cleaning house a bit and am only going to have one main c2d/2gb ram computer in my main room/office for my business/work, hobbies (recording), school and leisure surfing.

    So how can I best prepare my computer? It will be a valid copy of XP + all the current updates.

    Currently, I typically use a free copy of AVG, keep it updated regularly + scan every night while I'm asleep, use Firefox for anything inetwebz surfing and XP firewall enabled.

    I'm going to have two drives (320gb and 160gb) so I could possible use one for backups and stuff. I just want to make sure I have a nearly full proof system because down time is a :nono: and makes me :hs:

  2. awns729

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    Jan 4, 2008
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    If you want absolutely no down time, a RAID setup might be for you. Even if one drive fails, you'll be able to save your data (NOT in raid 0 though, that's different). You'd need 2+ identical HDDs depending on the type of setup though.

    If you're on a wireless network, make sure WPA2 Security is enabled. From what you've said though, sounds like you're good. Maybe throw in Windows Defender or another anti-spyware program.

    If it's a dell, add a fan lol :)
  3. Necromancer

    Necromancer Guest

    I'm super low on dinero right now so a raid setup will have to wait until that status changes.

    Good call on the wireless security, it's not at the moment. It's a new Dell Inspiron 530 and even after hours of demanding audio work at high cpu loads, it's extremely stable. It's my third personal dell and they've never given me troubles.
  4. Kashed

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    Jun 25, 2004
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    Did you use the deal they had on slickdeals for the 530 and q6600?
  5. Necromancer

    Necromancer Guest

    I bought ~2 months ago or so, they had a deal for an XPS with q6600 with 22" monitor for less then 1k but come the day to order, the deal was gone and the price went up to 1400 +. :hs:

    I got my 2.33 c2d (1033 fsb) 2gb ram etc. with 22" monitor for less then 800. Not bad, not great, but I needed working computer within days.
  6. crontab

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    not sure if you are doing this already or not, but make your primary account that you use a limited one.
  7. Necromancer

    Necromancer Guest

    As in lacking administrative tasks?

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