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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by boostedscooby, Dec 22, 2005.

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    So I started dating this girl now for about 3 months. We have spend many days and nights together. I actually started to think that this might be the girl that I will marry .She is younger than me . Which I think is no big deal. Am 30 she is 28 . She has a young son which I have begun to like alot. We get alone pretty good. She was in a prior relationships with 4 guys before me.The father of her son and 3 other guys. Recently she started to work at a doctors office. I trust her alot and she does the same. My problame is that today she acted not like herself. She was picking arguments with me for small petty things. When I picked her up from work she was quiet. Then we had a discussion on how she doesn't want me to stay over for "today " only. She also said she had many things in her mind and brought up her sons father at the last minute. I have a feeling she talked to the father of her child . Mind you he dosen't even know thats his son am scared that she will take this guy back . Am I over reacting or should I be worry.
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    He doesn't know that is his son?
    I'd run the other direction as fast as possible!!
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    It sounds to me as though she's ready to finally tell this guy that he is the father of her son. I think you need to give them the space to do that.

    I doubt she will go back to him, but you need to be comfortable with the fact that this man may start to be in the child's life.

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