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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by gui3, Jan 1, 2002.

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    May 6, 2000
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    i need an amp to power 2 10'' IDQ DVC subs.

    they're rated at 250w RMS each, and i've been told to look at class D amps.

    ok, so i looked at the JBL BP600.1, MTX 500d, and DEI 600d. i've never listened to any of them, but from the review's ive read, they might put out too much power for the subs. i dont want to blow them.
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    JL 500/1, I love their amps. The Directed is also nice, but i dont like the JBL very much.
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    Get the directed, best deal there. Jl is kinda expensive. But it is very good. The jbl well it is jbl.
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    The JL is, by far, the better amp. But you're gonna pay for it. Fully variable, selectable slope 12 or 24 dB/octave crossover as well as the RIPS design. Love it.

    However I'd say the JBL is the best bang for your buck.
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    the new JL amps are good, but they aren't god's gift. they have some cool features, but some drawbacks. it's not the best sounding amp on the market for the price.

    i wouldn't necessarily get that anal about sticking to the power numbers on the sub. that is not to say that you should go get 5000 watts of power for them, but getting a 600 watt amp for your subs isn't going to kill them. if you set the gains improperly and use your loudness and bass controls on your deck with reckless abandon, that will be much more likely to toast your subs than pure, clean power.

    class D amps are nice in that they are much more efficient than their class A / class AB bretheren. meaning you get a much more powerful amp in a smaller package that doesn't get as hot and doesn't consume as much current.

    look into the kicker DX series amps, memphis makes a solid amp, i dunno, it really depends on your budget.
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    Your concern with overpowering shouldnt be any problem worth worrying over...

    I ran 1000 watts to two IDQ 12's for over 6 months with virtually no problems. However keep in mind, box size is extremely important when running high power to any sub, especially the IDQ's. Running them in a small sealed box will allow them hold the wattage. I used .85 cu ft each for 12's, so even less should be used for 10's. All of the amps you've mentioned should be fine, and clearly the JBL will be the best bang for your dollar.

    Good luck with your purchase.
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    everyones right...

    you have to look at your budget.. thats what it really comes down to. i myself like alpine.. and to tell you the truth i like JL, but the difference, is that JL is pretty costly. Alpine is to.. kicker makes excelent amps for subs, and very inexpensive. as for JBL well its jbl, nothing very special about it. dont worry about over powering your subs, as somone said up above, as long as you control the power, and dont be an animal w/ it i'll be clean and loud. Besides All speakers are under-Rated.. so it might say 250watts, but it might be 300watts.. i had a jl audio w4, and it read 250 watts, and i ended up pumping 325watts, to it.. and it did just fine.. but i really dont reccomend you do that.. and besides if you have enough power on the amp to power the subs, your amp wont get very hot.

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